Native American~Pagan Community

All Natural Earth-based religions~Spirituality accepted and taught. 

Classes, Workshops, Gatherings.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, February 25h 2pm ~ Native American, Peoria Workshop: Native American Totems, $7 3pm ~ Drumming Circle, $5, RSVP **Tuesday, February 28th 6pm ~ Witches Moot Gathering: RSVP **Saturday, March 4th 3pm ~ $10 RSVP Beginner Workshop: An age old tradition of playing with colored ribbons rooted in folk magick. We shall make dancing ribbon wands. **Saturday, March 11th 3pm ~ $30 RSVP Advanced Workshop: Candle Magick. Create a real Magickal Candle. We supply you with everything you need. Create the steps from beginning to end. 6:30pm ~ Full Moon, RSVP $5 Celebration/Ritual: Gather in ritual to honor our Lady of the Moon with our Words of Power, candle magick, Elemental magick, and the power of the circle. **Sunday, March 12th 1:30pm ~Stone Heat Therapy~ This works great with Crystals n’ Gems. Warm stones that are energized are placed around the body in a pacific place, intermixed with other various forms of media. The mixed intermedia energy flows and unblocks the meridian paths throughout the body. 3-hour class. $225 +$99 Stones **Tuesday, March 14th 6pm ~ Egyptian Club Gathering, RSVP **Thursday, March 16th 6pm ~ Voodoo, Peoria Gathering, RSVP **Saturday, March 18th 3pm ~ Advanced [Psychic Development] Workshop: Working with Candle Flames. Part of the Psychic Development course taught through Ye Psychic Shoppe. $16 **Sunday, March 19th 5pm ~ Ostara RSVP Gathering/Celebration. **Monday, March 20th 6pm ~ 8pm BMS 4 classes $160 RSVP Discovering the Magick of Tarot: This advanced course includes, but not limited to: Understanding the various aspects of the different tarot cards. How to do readings for others, different layouts. etcetera. Monday, March 20th, March 27th. Tuesday, March 21st, March 28th. ---------------